January 6, 2023

Why it’s Important to Click with your Wedding Photographer

Choosing the right wedding photographer goes beyond their work. Often times, couples look at their photographic approach, editing style, what’s included with their collections. But what’s also super important, is that your wedding photographer clicks (or meshes, or vibes, whatever you want to call it) with you and your partner! While this is not always top of mind when selecting the photographer to document your wedding, it should be! Here’s why.

You spend more time with your photographer than anyone else on wedding day!

Outside of your partner, your wedding photographer is with you for majority of the day. Seriously. Our collections start at eight hours, so we are with our couple for a long time on wedding day! With that said, it’s really important you actually like the person that will be following you for eight hours straight. We do our best to get to know you ahead of time so that when we enter your bridal suite, it’s like another friend is arriving!

It makes your day more enjoyable.

Wedding days can be overwhelming. In the best way! But because there’s a lot of emotions and surprises, it helps when the vendor standing next to you is supportive, willing to help and will take care of whatever is needed. Over the years we’ve learned that taking photos is only half of our job as a wedding photographer! The other half is being your go-to person to listen to you vent, grab you a tissue, or help buckle your shoes. Therefore, choosing a photographer who handles all situations well and makes you feel more relaxed or at ease, will ensure you have a better day, too!

Your connection is reflected in your wedding photos.

When you have someone behind the camera that you enjoy and feel comfortable around, it’s only natural that you’ll feel more relaxed in front of the camera. And feeling relaxed with your partner in front of the camera genuinely results in better photos. I swear it’s really that simple!

I see it all the time. When my couples are able to relax, I can see they’re more comfortable to move more, laugh together, kiss unprompted. This allows us to photograph you in the most genuine way! At the end of it all, we want you to have photos that authentically reflect you and your partner.

In order to make sure you and your photographer are right for each other, grab coffee or a glass of champagne together and take sometime to get to know each other! If you love what you’re reading and are wondering if we’d mesh with you, send us a message!

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