Weymouth Country Club | Kelly + Marty

These two are simply STUNNING! I was thrilled to be asked to photograph this special day. I went to high school with Kelly’s girls and have always heard such incredible things about her from her daughters, its no wonder Marty fell in love with her. Kelly and Marty were married at St. Basil’s Church in Brecksville, Ohio. The ceremony was beautiful. As a catholic, I really enjoyed watching and participating in it (while also doing my job, of course). 

Their reception followed at Weymouth Country Club in Medina, Ohio. Talk about a party! They made it so fun and everyone had a blast. After dinner, every single person was bustin’ a move on the dance floor! Between the music from their fantastic DJ and literally flaming desserts, there was never a dull moment. 

On a whim, I took Spencer (my assistant for the night) outside to see if it was snowing, and more importantly, if I was able to capture it. Sure enough, the snow was falling and Kelly and Marty looked magical in it!

Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Lucas!

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