Morganne and Kyle are getting married!

I have known Morganne since high school and I was so excited to hear that she was engaged! Her fiancĂ©, Kyle, proposed to Morganne on the square in Medina, Ohio. (Which is why they chose the square for their photos!) Morganne says she was in complete shock and that it was one of the best moments of their relationship.

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Morganne and Kyle met through a mutual friend and have been together for three and a half years. One of their favorite things about their relationship is that they have a similar sense of humor and share the same interests and life goals.

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Their favorite thing to do together is attending country concerts, whether it’s a summer concert at Blossom or a winter show at the Q, Morganne and Kyle are there! In five years, Morganne and Kyle see themselves with a growing family and their dog Laycee. I am so excited for their wedding next October!

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