October 8, 2020

Shop my Wedding Bin | Everything I Take to a Wedding

A few months ago I was bored with my content and wanted to mix it up. So I thought I’d try my hand at TikTok. I had made a few Toks about random things I did during quarantine (drink recipes, throwbacks from my bachelorette party, my patio decor, etc.).

I filmed myself going through my wedding bin and it went viral y’all! I was honestly shook. I went to bed with 134 views and woke up with 3M views and counting. If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out!


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I never expected my little bin of supplies to go viral, but I found a lot of the things I take to weddings with me, most people don’t even think about! Unfortunately, some of the stuff I keep in there I had to learn to keep with me the hard way… But nonetheless it’s all stuff that I am constantly reaching for or fetching for a bridesmaid.

Bottom line, I’m not the only one who finds my bin useful. Almost every wedding I have a bride, bridesmaid, mother-of-the-groom, thanking me for being so prepared because chances are they needed something and I had it!

So whether you’re another fellow wedding photographer or the maid-of-honor in your best friend’s upcoming wedding, here’s everything I take to a wedding!

Plastic Bin

I keep everything in this plastic bin I got from Target. It’s big enough that it holds everything, but also small enough to carry with one hand.

Buy it now at Target for $7.00.

White Wooden Hangers

I can’t tell you how many times I see the most beautiful gowns hung up on ugly, department store hangers. I keep at least 5 of these in my bin for gown photos and in case we do any photos of the bridesmaids dresses hung up. You might not think of it, but the hanger makes a huge difference.

Buy a 10-pack now on Amazon for $16.99.

White Window Curtain Panel

I know you’re probably thinking, “Why does she bring curtains to weddings?” I always shoot the bride’s accessories. I try my best to find a pretty background, but sometimes we’re limited! I fold the curtain in half and lay it on the floor to make a pretty and neutral background. You can use any fabric, but I had one of these laying around and it never fails me! Here’s an example below.

Buy now on Amazon for $9.99.





It’s a wedding for crying out loud! Someone is always crying, and you’d be surprised how many people don’t have a tissue on them. I do! I always stick with the travel packs because I can just hand one off to Mom and she can keep them!

Buy them now on Amazon for $4.89.

Hand Sanitizer

We be in Corona times, y’all! Don’t think I need to explain this…

Buy the travel size now on Amazon for $15.99

Lint Roller

I use this more than I end up hanging it off to someone at a wedding. You’d be surprised how many guys lay their clothes on their bed at home and bring it to the venue with dog or cat hair. I got you, guys.

Buy one now on Amazon for $4.47.

Electrical Tape

I’ve had equipment break on me and this has saved my butt so many times! I’ve even shared it with DJs a few times for their set ups. Sounds weird, but it comes in handy.

Buy it now on Amazon for $3.98.


Almost every wedding I am cutting off hanger ribbons, tags from dresses, thread off of gowns, you name it. Always keep scissors close by if you’re there while your couple is getting ready.

Buy a 3-pack on Amazon now for $5.94.

Scotch Tape

I’ve only had to use this one or twice, but it’s always worth keeping on you if needed!

Buy a 4-pack on Amazon now for $5.99.

Business Cards

I always keep a handful on me because someone at everyone event always asks me for one! Always keep them on you! I have this super sleek and cute business card holder to keep mine in! I got it in pink.

Buy my favorite business card holder here on Amazon for $5.99.


Weird, but someone always needs a pen at a wedding. Whether the officiant needs it for the certificate, or Grandma forgot to sign her card, there’s always someone asking around for a pen. I bought a pack of cheap ones so that whoever I share with can just keep it.

Buy a pack of pens on Amazon now for $1.49.

My Emergency Kit

Everything that you think I might have forgotten I keep in here. My emergency kit is in a pouch that I can take with me and run, if need be!

Check out everything I keep in my Emergency Kit here.

Phew. That was fun! I would be a mess without my wedding bin. I get so many compliments for how organized and prepared I am after my weddings, and it’s all thanks to this little bin! Do you have a wedding bin? What’s in yours? What’s something I should add? Let me know!
Happy shooting! ♡

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