April 18, 2021

Summer Presets for Lightroom Mobile

I’m so excited to finally share my presets with you! This is my first launch of Lightroom mobile presets and I can’t wait to see them transform your photos.

I’m always being asked to edit my friends photos for Instagram. In those edits I was making presets to easily help them out and thought, “why am I not just sharing these with everyone?” Thus, the Summer presets were born.

In my very first preset launch, I’m introducing six summer presets! They are the Aruba, Bahamas, Caribbean, Freeport, Lucia, and Nassau presets. I am also bundling them as a pack.

Each of these presets are designed for Lightroom Mobile to add brightness, a light vibrance, and summer vibes to your photos while keeping your skin free of orange tones! Take a look!







These presets are also available as a pack! Check them out and start transforming your Instagram photos today!

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