October 19, 2020

Patterson Fruit Farm Proposal | Liz + Joe


I am so excited to share this special gallery! Joe sent me a message about a month ago letting me know he was planning to propose to his girlfriend, Liz, and wanted someone to photograph it. I have to say, shooting proposals is on of my favorite things to document. It’s that ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ moment that just makes me so excited. Plus, I love love, so it’s the perfect combo for me!

Joe and I talked on the phone a few days before the big day. He talked me through his thoughts for how he was going to do it. We met Joe at Patterson Fruit Farm in Chesterland before Liz arrived. We walked through the apple orchard to find the perfect spot. My husband came along with me to help “sell it” so I wasn’t just some random person in the orchard by herself!

We decided on a spot that I was going to be picking apples. Joe and Liz cut across into my aisle and picked a few apples before he dropped down to a knee! It was the sweetest proposal and Liz was so surprised!

I’m so excited for Joe and Liz, and wish you two a lifetime of happiness!

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