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Hi! I’m Brittney!

Welcome! I’m Brittney and I am a photographer based out of northeast Ohio. I offer a candid, personal approach to capture couples’ special celebrations with a sincere air. My focus is always on photographing the smiles, tears, and joy of each wedding day, providing you with cherished keepsakes to last a lifetime.

I’ve been behind the camera for six years and have truly loved every second of it. I’m truly happiest watching every love story from my viewfinder and capturing the magic!

Here’s my story…



My Story


I got my first camera for Christmas when I was 13 years old. It was the most basic point and shoot camera of that time, but it was the start of everything.

I had always been very creative; I loved art and music in school, and still do today. When I opened my new camera, I remember taking photos of everything: selfies in the bathroom, my dog, Christmas lights, snow covered foliage in the front yard. Capturing these little things let me teach myself what worked and what didn’t. Within a few days, a had created an album on my Facebook profile dedicated to my very novice photos of the life around me. (Because what 13-year-old doesn’t put everything on Facebook?)

It became something I took everywhere with me. Being immersed in the trial and error of learning the camera became a hobby for me. My love for it grew, and the following Christmas I unwrapped my very first DSLR. I had moved from shooting objects around the house to photographing my family. I instantly fell in love with working on portraits.

I became obsessed with photographic life in its most natural form: no poses or plans, just life’s most raw, candid and unscripted moments.

My work turned into senior sessions, which turned into family sessions, which turned into engagement sessions, which turned into weddings. Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought that 13-year-old Brittney with a new point-and-shoot Kodak would be where she is today; an award winning wedding photographer.

It’s an honor to be part of these special times with people I have never met, and that they trust me because of the work I produce. I truly love this business and being able to make such monumental times in people’s lives stand still in a photograph.


The Brittney Zivcsak Photography Team

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Brittney Zivcsak | Owner, Wedding Photographer

Macey Zivcsak | Wedding Assistant, Photographer

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